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About the H*VENT Chest Seal

Unique multi-directional vented dressing.
This allows the fluids to “Drain towards gravity”. Important because that means casualty can be transported on their side.

Helps prevent occlusion
This provides a backup fail-safe system since there are 6 ports. Even if 5 become obstructed, the vent will remain fully operational.

Dome membrane design creates a complete seal around the wound area.
This ensures a complete seal around the wound and reducing the risk of air or fluid finding alternate paths.

Large vent opening allows for visual monitoring of the wound.
The dome design gives quick indication of air or fluid leaving the chest (billows up) or when the seal is in place (sucks down).

Proven in testing to retain a seal during inhalation
Maintains sustainable negative pressure (below ambient pressure) within the pleural space.

Low profile and easy to fold 
Convenient packing into IFAK or medical bags.

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Traditional vented chest seals can lose their function when occlusions happen-rendering them less useful. 

We saw this problem and created the H*VENT Chest Seal. Our H*VENT vented chest seal has not one, but six vents to help prevent total occlusion from happening. 

Check out all the special features of this new product below:

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