Cogeneration. It’s heating up energy savings around the world.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hyatt Regency  in New Brunswick, New Jersey 

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Learn more about Europe’s best-kept secret, CHP and what the U.S. can gain from using this application

Hear success stories from various CHP applications

Learn how CHP is moving U.S. energy efficiency forward

"Cogeneration can potentially save 1,000 trillion BTUs of fuel in the USA"

Anthony Cirillo

Cogeneration Day USA is cogenerating excitement.
Join us in New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 2, 2017.

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Introducing Cogeneration Day USA

A one-day symposium designed to educate America’s energy consumers on the merits, logistics and potential cost savings of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), a method of electricity generation that produces useful heat from otherwise wasted thermal energy.

Organized by Cogeneration Channel, a web-based global exchange of ideas, science and technology, Cogeneration Day USA is dedicated to moving the US towards an energy efficient future. During this one-day concentrated conference, American manufacturers, commercial and utility industry leaders and engineers will discover what the European energy sector has known for years – that sustainable cogeneration drives down energy costs.

It’s one event you can’t afford to miss.

See how environmentally-friendly CHP reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Understand permitting challenges and learn how to finance your project.

Technical tour visiting a state of the art natural gas CHP plant (1.1 MW) 

All attendees are eligible to receive Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits.
PennWell is a licensed provider with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers: FBPE #0007125

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The complete Conference website will be online soon with the full program and the speakers list.